Restaurant Marketing Concepts And Resources

Ciroc, for example, collaborated with Sean Combs for their ads. He even hosted a New Year’s party with the hashtag #CirocTheNewYear.

Marketing Idea

For this, you need to leverage designing tools such as Canva that can help you create attractive banners. You can reply to comments on any of the social channels via HubSpot, making it easy to increase social visibility and engagement. New Year’s Day is also the day when people make resolutions.

For every return that they make, you can encourage them to purchase some other product. This may just get them to buy it on an impulse. Think about everything that a customer might need during their returns. For maximum impact, make sure that your banners are absolutely top notch.

Finally, make sure all of your real estate strategies revolve around your website. It’s the place where most lead flow and business will come from. As you can see, there are many ways to market your real estate business. Define precise metrics to measure achievement with. Use goals that easily tell you whether you’ve hit the mark within specific timeframes. Take advantage of YouTube’s annotations feature to encourage viewers to watch your other videos or to opt-in to your email newsletter. Use helpful “how-to” video content to teach prospects step-by-step ways to solve challenges or realize important concepts you know they should understand throughout the buying experience.

Don’t forget to expand your interviews beyond past clients. Interview home inspectors, mortgage brokers, construction company owners and other people you work with throughout the entire process of a home sale. Mailers can help get listings and your brand in the hands of everyone in your community.

This party was sponsored by them and helped them reach out to more people too. For instance, you could let the guests try out your latest products at the party. Make sure that you share these promotions through all the modes of marketing available. You can then put up all these items at locations where they go to return their purchases.

Many people make resolutions at the beginning of the New Year. While the resolution of every person is unique, each resolution needs inspiration. For example, J. Crew sends out offers in emails for New Year’s Day. Combining the offer and the occasion works well for them.