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Even though we’ve never met it feels like I know him because of the headshot and links to all of his social media accounts. Get more testimonials by following up with happy customers to ask for reviews.

Almost everything is business required that we trade time for dollars, even if you’re self-employed. That’s why creating “passive income” has become so wildly popular. But , after forcing myself to take more initiative and call people on the phone, I had a realization. It’s far more effective than email or messaging. Better align marketing and sales with a service-level-agreement.

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Get more customers coming back to you with personalized offers. The point is, it’s an effective way to reward customers and keep them coming back for more. Right after someone has made a purchase, before showing them the order confirmation page, you show them an additional product that they can add to their order in 1-click. This is highly effective because they are already in a “buy” mindset and as the saying goes, strike while the iron is hot. According to SamCart, optimizing your checkout page can 4X your sales. Having a checkout page which includes all the right ingredients can make all the difference.

Increase number of new customers by splintering off a “tripwire” offer. That’s why a simple way to get new people in the door is to offer them a coupon or special. You need to be careful to use this strategy in moderation as you might end up only attracting freebie seekers who will not come back if they have to pay full price.

That means selling is more about listening to your customers needs and finding them the right solution. Find out the best time to send emails by measuring open and click through rates. It’s informative, timely and maybe even a little dated, but you need to ask your self who your target audience is and how they prefer to receive news updates. Yes, they like hearing about your latest content and offers, but they have been conditioned and used to getting their content is a newsletter.

So if you’re not a 1 man show, then you need to understand that how you treat your employees extends through them all the way to your customers. Take care of your employees and they will take care of customers. This one takes a little longer and is more sentimental, but for customers with whom you have a personal relationship with, nothing says “I care about you” then a hand-written card of any kind. As mentioned in a previous tip, when you can automate a survey request via email once a customer has made a purchase, it makes collecting feedback that much easier. Building communities of raving fans that promote your brand online for you.